1. who are you?

    why do you care? 

  2. honestly tumblr is my way of venting, who gives a shit if i have any followers or if anyone sees this? i don’t need anyone to know who i am, i just need someplace to vent.

  3. i just want to be with you.

  4. watched pitch perfect (again) cause i love it so much lol. anddd unexpectedly it made me feel a lot better and it took my mind off all of my worries. until beca and jesse kissed and everything came back hahah. but it’s all good. i think.

  5. i love this so much

  6. my head says no but my heart says yes. and now when things are finally clearing up… it all starts up again. why can’t i just make a decision? i need to choose… why can’t i choose right? why can’t i just forget about you? and tell you to forget about me? but i can’t. from the start you were that ideal person for me and i love that about you. i can’t just forget about you, no matter how hard i try. but what’s going to happen to our… “relationship,” or whatever this is? i don’t want to just end it; if we become “just friends” or homies, i’ll still have feelings for you every now and then. i won’t be able to get you out of my head. why is it so hard to let you go? why can’t i just… wipe it all out, clear my head, and move on?

    i think i loved you. and… i think i still do.

    and it’s those people that are closest to you that are the hardest to let go.

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    I MADE A THING it’s a mashup ENJOY :D


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    Reflections. Illusions.

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